How Much Can I Borrow to Buy my New Home?

Understanding Your Home Buying Power: How Salary and Deposit Impact What You Can Afford.

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Mortgage Borrowing Calculator

Use our handy mortgage calculator to estimate how much you might be able to borrow based on your income. Thinking of a joint mortgage? It could boost your borrowing potential, especially with two high incomes. 

Keep in mind, factors like credit history, monthly expenses, deposit size, and differing lender policies can affect mortgage affordability.

Our calculator gives you a rough estimate of your potential loan size, but remember, maintaining manageable monthly payments now and in the future is key. 

See how much you can borrow on a mortgage

For a more precise calculation tailored to your circumstances, reach out to our team for free, expert mortgage advice. They’re ready to guide you through your mortgage loan eligibility process

You could borrow:


Based on 4.5 times of total earnings

The actual amount of mortgage available will vary and depend on, amongst other things, age & time to retirement, employment status, debts & credit history, amount of deposit, and property type. We’re happy to have a free consultation to get you an accurate assessment of the amount you could apply for on a mortgage.

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